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The mission of Health Law Network is to assist attorneys and those involved in the healthcare industry in their search for experienced 
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Health Law Network brings together the range of special talent needed to address most cases involving concerns about the reasonableness of billed charges, proper reimbursement, adequacy of clinical documentation, accuracy of coding and quality of care, as well as allegations of false claims, Medicare or Medicaid fraud, antitrust violations and more.  

Professionals available through Health Law Network include:

Health Law Network and our staff of experienced professionals can be the KEY to winning your case.
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Health Law Network
Healthcare Billing, Reimbursement & Compliance Experts
HLN has provided independent reviews and litigation support services for national healthcare chain organizations, individual healthcare providers, managed care organizations, insurance carriers, government agencies and individuals.  And we have served both plaintiff and defense counsel.
U.S. District Court (NJ) Judge Jerome Simandle's opinion stated, "Mr. Blount is qualified to testify as an expert on Medicare reimbursement and billing issues. He possesses specialized knowledge, based on his over thirty years extensive experience as a healthcare auditor addressing Medicare reimbursement concerns and through his published works."    (Landau v. Lucasti, Civil No. 06-1229)
Muscogee County (GA) Superior Court Judge Maureen Gottrieds opinion stated, "“After hearing Mr. Blount's qualifications and testimony at the June 5, 2017 hearing on class certification, this Court finds that Mr. Blount is qualified to render an opinion as an expert in this case and therefore denies TMC's motion to exclude Mr. Blount's testimony.”   (Enterprise Leasing and Danielle Bowden, et al v. The Medical Center, Civil Action File No. SU12CV2676)
 U.S. District Court (IL) Judge Amy J. St. Eve's opinion stated,   "Mr. Blount's testimony is relevant under Daubert because it helps the trier of fact determine whether Chaudhry should be entitled to a benefit under the Policy—a benefit that is calculated based, in part, on Chaudhry's income prior to his disability."  (Chaudhry vs. Provident Life, Civil No. 12-cv-5838)
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Cobb County (GA) State Court Judge John Morgan's opinion stated, " The Court finds that based on Blount's testimony is reliable... The Court finds that Blount's testimony would assist the trier of fact. Blount's testimony may give jurors more detailed information in assessing whether Plaintiff's medical bills are reasonable when compared to other similar charges across the spectrum of hospitals and government care in the metro Atlanta area." (Bedgood v. Dunn, Civil File No. 17-A1576-3) 
State Court of Barrow  County (GA) Judge Currie Mingldorff's  opinion stated, "The Court finds that Lamar Blount's anticipated testimony is based upon sufficient facts or data that is expected to be admitted at trial, that it is the product of reliable principles and methods, and that he has applied the principles and methods reliably to the facts of this case... The Court finds that the anticipated testimony does not violate the collateral
source rule, and is instead offered to demonstrate whether medical bills were reasonable."."   
(Diaz vs. Nicole Aten,  Civil No. 19-CV-000151)